What is the school's charging policy?

JCoSS provides free education for children of all abilities. Parents are asked for a voluntary contribution to pay for Jewish Education and security costs, neither of which are funded by local or national governments.

The Governors reserve the right to charge in the following instances:

  • Where a family opts for a child to have private lessons (eg musical instrument, singing, bnei mitzva classes).
  • Where a family opts for a child to enter an examination that is not a normal part of the JCoSS curriculum.
  • Where a family opts for a child to participate on a school visits which is not a compulsory part of the curriculum - the family will be invited to cover the costs involved on the understanding that if there is insufficient support the proposed trip will not take place.
  • Cost of ingredients/materials for practical subjects (eg Food Technology).
  • Other than stationery, JCoSS will provide all materials, including exercise books and textbooks, necessary for in-school curriculum access. Additional items for home use, such as dictionaries and calculators, may be purchased by parents.