JCoSS timeline

How we got here

2001 Idea begins: wide interest from across the community.Working party established – i.e Idea originates with parents NOT movement led
2002 Begin search for appropriate sites – not easy, best sites taken for commercial development or not suitable for a school
JCoSS Trust established
2004 Government becomes involved – suggests JCoSS becomes a pilot project in Parental-led schooling
2004/5 Barnet offers a possible site.   Begin negotiations with Barnet for Westbrook Crescent
2005 Dialogue begins with Norwood.  Gerald Ronson comes on board
Funding approved by DSCF 90% of capital funding = £36m
Balance 10% + our wish list circa £10m to be raised by community
2006 Planning and Design Brief issued
Consultation with local residents and Local authority
2007 Plans approved by Barnet LBC
2008 Tender documents issued for Contractors
Temporary Governing Body appointed to run the school - lots of different professional and religious background
Education Consultant employed
Fundraising gathers pace
Search for head teacher began
Final amendments to building plans
2009 Construction starts
Jeremy Stowe-Lindner appointed at Headteacher
Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, attends ground-breaking and helps plant time capsule on site
Deputy Headteacher and Director of Jewish Education also appointed
First prospectus published and first Open Days
Applications open and close
2010 157 students join JCoSS's first Year 7
42 teaching and support staff appointed
Building completed
2011 Full cohort of 187 students join Year 7. 
Phase 2 completed - old school demolished, replaced with state-of-the-art all weather pitch and new car park.
2012 Sixth Form Opens
2013 Patrick Moriarty apppointed as Headteacher